Orchid Care

Discover essential tips for vibrant orchids. From watering to light, master the art of orchid care for thriving blooms.

9 Hanging Orchids | Care Guide and Hanging Ideas

Unlike most houseplants, growing orchids in a pot isn’t your only option. Instead, you can grow hanging orchids that take up less space and add beautiful vertical interest to your space. Hanging orchids are a wonderful addition to an indoor or outdoor space. What Are Hanging Orchids? Hanging orchids are orchids that are grown in …

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Mounting Orchids | Driftwood, Rock, and More…

Orchids look beautiful no matter how they’re displaced, but there’s something particularly attractive about mounted orchids. Mounted orchids tend to spill over their mounts beautifully and generally look fuller than potted orchids. But mounting orchids can seem intimidating. What should you mount your orchid on, and how do you take care of mounted orchids? While …

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Wrinkled Orchid Leaves | How to Fix Them

Orchids have a reputation for being finicky houseplants. While somewhat picky, orchids do give clear signals when something is wrong. One of the easy signals to notice is wrinkled orchid leaves. No one wants to see wrinkled leaves on their orchids. Not only are wrinkled leaves less attractive than an orchid’s shiny, firm leaves, but …

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Phalaenopsis Tetraspis Plant Care

Phalaenopsis tetraspis was first identified in 1870. This warm-loving orchid is native to the Andaman Islands, the Nicobar Islands, and northwest Sumatra. Sometimes Phal. tetraspis is referred to as The Four Shield Phalaenopsis. While this species is not as showy as some other orchid species, it is popular among orchid collectors. The flowers are dainty …

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