Premium Orchid Soil

Orchid Soil Mix – Premium Potting Blend – Fast Draining, Non-Toxic, Nutrient-Rich, Sustainable – Ideal for Repotting Indoor Orchids – USA-Made – 1 Bag

  • EASY ORCHID CARE: Take the hassle out of caring for your orchids with our premium Orchid Soil Mix. Just one resealable bag works for big and small orchids. The resealable bag is easy and simple to use.
  • FOR EVERY ORCHID: No need to be a plant expert, our mix is great for any orchid – fancy, colorful, or unique. It’s like a cozy home for your orchids, and you don’t need a green thumb to succeed! Perfect for every orchid, whether it’s a fancy, colorful, or unique variety like Epidendrum, Vanda, Moth, or Phalaenopsis, our mix is designed for everyone, not just plant experts.
  • GREEN ORCHID OASIS: Made in the USA, our Orchid Soil Mix is a safe blend designed for thriving orchids and a happy planet. Crafted with care, its unique composition, including peat, pumice, and high-quality bark, ensures the perfect water-to-air balance. This green mix is a simple way to care for your orchids and contribute to a healthier Earth.
  • NUTRIENT-RICH GROWTH: Give your orchids the good stuff. Our mix lets water flow easily and is full of the perfect nutrient mix for your orchids – like a tasty meal for them. It’s the magic recipe for growing big, strong, and healthy orchids.
  • NO ORCHID STRESS: No need to worry about tricky orchid problems. Our mix stops things like too much water, slow drying, and not enough air – things that can make your orchids sick. Grow your orchids without the stress.
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Are You Starving Your Orchid?

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