Top Orchid Instagram Accounts

Top Orchid Instagram Accounts

Top Orchid Instagram Accounts

Top Orchid Instagram Accounts

Orchids are unique, vibrant and there are a lot of orchid care tips to follow. There are many varieties of orchids and Instagram has some fabulous accounts that highlight them. The Orchid Resource Center has an Instagram page as well.

You can learn a lot about different types of orchids on Instagram. The most popular varieties, which orchids are best for your home environment, and helpful orchid care tips.

Here are our top orchid Instagram accounts for you to follow.

Discover the list of the top orchid Instgram accounts to follow. With gorgeous photos of orchids and helpful care tips, these accounts are the best.


A personal Instagram account, it is fun to follow to learn all about growing orchids and their unique care tips.


Retail & Wholesale Orchid Seller Located in Chicago’s Western Suburbs, this Instagram page is filled with so many different varieties of orchids.


Modern Floral & Plant Design•Orchid & Exotic Plant Experts, learn more about orchids and their unique varieties. Care tips, learning opportunities, and more.


Dr. Alfonso Doucette is a orchidophile extraordinaire and has a PhD in Botany. Come for the simply gorgeous photos of orchids, stay for the in-depth orchid information and care tips.


New orchid photos posted each day. Learn about each of the unique orchid varieties.


Local to those in Encinitas, CA, they are a family owned nursery featuring species orchids. With more than 7,000 species and 750,000+ plants, you will get your fill of orchid photos by following this account.


Westerlay Orchids can be found in your local supermarket. They ship direct to your doorstep so follow their account, discover a new orchid, and have it shipped to your house to enjoy.


Alan posts unique orchid photos and sells the orchid varieties as well. Browse his store for more orchid plants and other resources.

Bonus Orchid Websites

Not only are the Instagram accounts above helpful, these premium websites will help you with your orchid plant journey.

Orchid Bliss

Anna Weston has created a website to help you every step of the way when it comes to caring for your orchid. Discover helpful techniques and more to help you grow a healthy orchid plant.

Orchid Care Tips

The name says it all. Simply laid out, you will find helpful orchid care tips you need when you visit this site.

Orchid Friends

Irene has created a fantastic blog about orchids. Helpful orchid articles that answer any of your orchid questions.

Just Add Ice Orchids

Orchid care tips and the ability to shop their online collections, Just Add Ice orchids is a fantastic website for orchid plant lovers.

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