9 Orchid Plant Food FAQs

9 Orchid Plant Food FAQs

Curious about orchid plant food? We’ve answered 9 of your most frequently asked questions.  

Like all houseplants, orchids can survive on organic potting mix, plenty of sunshine, and a dialed-in care routine. 

But there’s no doubt that an orchid that receives proper fertilizer is primed to boast big, bountiful blooms and produce thick green leaves quicker than plants that don’t receive regular nutrients from an orchid fertilizer. That’s because a healthy dose of vital minerals supports plant growth, bud development, and big flowers. 

If you’ve been hesitant to start an orchid plant food routine, we encourage you to get started today! Below, we answer 9 of your most common orchid plant food questions so you can properly nourish your plant and watch it thrive this bloom season.

Question 1: What’s the best way to feed my orchid plants? 

The safest and most efficient way to make sure your orchid gets plenty of nutrients to support its unique blooms and foliage is to use a plant fertilizer that’s specifically formulated for orchid plants. 

If you skip a fertilizing routine, your plant has only one place to get its nutrients: its potting mix. Eventually, the organic matter in the mix will break down and your plant won’t have access to the rich mineral nutrients it requires to grow. 

Professional Tip: Always opt for an orchid potting mix that includes lots of organic material. It’ll serve as a nice complement to your orchid fertilizer and boost nutrient absorption. 

Question 2: What type of fertilizers should I avoid giving my orchid?

Because orchids have unique root systems, they require a gentle fertilizer. If you opt to use a fertilizer that’s formulated to nourish vegetable plants or other outdoor plants, you’ll risk burning your orchid’s roots. 

As a general rule of thumb, avoid using traditional fertilizers for regular houseplants or outdoor gardens, as the ratio of nutrients is likely too acidic for epiphytic plants like tropical orchids.

Professional Tip: If you’re looking to give your orchid a boost, use a Root Supplement to fortify your orchid’s roots and ensure it’s able to absorb the nutrients in your plant fertilizer.

Question 3: Do orchid fertilizers work with all varieties of orchids?

Typically, yes! While orchid nutrient requirements vary slightly from plant to plant, it’s safe to use an orchid fertilizer on all your orchid varieties. For example, if you have a Phalaenopsis orchid and a Cattleya orchid, the same orchid-specific plant food should nourish both plants properly and yield spectacular results.

Professional Tip: What may vary from species to species, though, are other care requirements like the amount of sunlight your plant can endure and the temperatures it enjoys. Be sure to research the specific care requirements for your orchid type to ensure your plant stays happy and healthy year-round. 

Question 4: How often should I feed my orchid plants?

Each orchid fertilizer will come with its own set of feeding recommendations. The mark of a safe orchid fertilizer, though, is that it’s gentle enough to use every time you water. This helps you maintain a consistent feeding routine since you won’t have to remember to follow complicated directions or keep a calendar to remember when it’s time to fertilize. 

Professional Tip: For additional information on this topic, head over to our blog article How Often Should You Fertilize an Orchid? There, you’ll find a more detailed answer to this question and additional tips on creating a safe and sustainable orchid fertilizing routine.

Question 5: What’s your best advice for orchid feeding success?

Our number-one tip for feeding orchids is to find a plant food that’s gentle and has simple application instructions. It’s surprising how complex some fertilizers make the feeding process. We’ve seen everything from requiring dilution first to using measuring spoons during feeding time. Our best tip is to use a product that makes the feeding process simple, safe, and sustainable. 

Professional Tip: Another one of our favorite tips to ensure a healthy orchid is to place your orchid on top of a humidity tray. They do wonders for keeping your plant hydrated by moistening the air around it. For many growers, humidity trays are a must-have.

Question 6: Should I fertilize my orchid year-round?

Orchids require fertilizer mainly during growing and blooming seasons. Naturally, they require less nutrients during dormant periods since they aren’t actively growing or producing buds. If your orchid fertilizer is gentle enough, however, you don’t have to worry about starting and stopping your feeding routine when your plant goes dormant during cold winter months. 

Professional Tip: Some orchids are encouraged to produce bloom when the temperature drops at night by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. You can easily achieve this by moving your orchid to a cool basement room overnight. 

Question 7: What is orchid food made of?

Orchid fertilizer includes essential minerals needed to maintain a happy and healthy orchid plant. Those minerals often include key nutrients such as:

  • Nitrogen (N), which supports plant growth
  • Phosphorous (P), which encourages bloom and bold flowers
  • Potassium (K), which strengthens stems and stalks

Ideally, your orchid food will include an equal or balanced ratio of all three essential minerals. It may also include other trace minerals like sulfur, manganese, calcium, zinc, and magnesium. 

Professional Tip: For best results, avoid a product that includes urea, a type of nitrogen that may be damaging to your orchid. 

Question 8: How much fertilizer should I give my orchid?

Though each orchid food product will come with its own application instructions, it’s always best to stick to the old adage “water weakly, weekly.” Typically, with tropical orchids, less is more. The same rule applies to watering, fertilizing, and direct sunlight. 

Professional Tip: To prevent from overwatering your orchid, try using an easy-to-read moisture meter to dial in a watering routine that doesn’t rely on guesswork. 

Question 9: What orchid plant food product do you recommend?

Premium Orchid Food checks all the boxes. It’s gentle, easy to apply, and it won’t burn your orchid’s roots. It’s hands down our preferred choice for feeding our own orchids and nurturing big, beautiful plants. 

Here are a few of the features that make Premium Orchid Food the go-to fertilizer for supporting your orchid plants:

  • Easy application: The pre-mixed spray acts as a root stimulator for plants to improve their ability to use nutrients. This is especially important for young plants, freshly repotted plants, and plants in bloom.  
  • Special nutrient formula: Feeding your orchids a precise balance of nutrients is crucial to their ability to grow year after year and produce bountiful flowers. Sea kelp extract and humic acids address the unique needs of your orchid. With regular use, you’ll see healthy and vibrant orchids that grow larger year after year. 
  • Gentle on orchid plants: We dilute the standard orchid fertilizer ratio of 20-20-20 by 100x for weekly application. Our .2-.2-.2 formula can be safely used at every watering without burning roots. Pre-mixed orchid fertilizer acts as a root stimulator for plants to improve their ability to use nutrients and to bolster their strength and resilience. This is especially important for young plants.
  • It works with many orchid varieties: Our spray is compatible with indoor varieties such as Phalaenopsis, Epidendrum, Miltonia, Cattleya, Vanda, Cymbidium, and Oncidium. Simply spray the Premium Orchid Food on your orchid each time you water and enjoy incredible vibrance and foliage all year long. Healthy orchids will rebloom year after year, providing generations of beauty and enjoyment in your home!

Professional Tip: For best results, use Premium Orchid Food every time you water your orchid. Then sit back and watch your plant burst into bloom. 

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